2 Women 12 Games


2 Women | 12 Games contains:

  • 12 unique role play games ranging from the Twin Peaks inspired We Die Here to the happy-go-lucky colouring game about unicorns Guardians of Aimsir
  • Each game is complete containing mechanics, setting information, and character sheets (where applicable)
  • Games with various mechanical systems from diceless fire-side story telling to unique d6 systems to tarot based mechanics

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2 Women | 12 Games is an anthology created by Elizabeth Chaipraditkul and Steffie de Vaan. In 2019 they set a goal of creating twelve unique role play games in the space of twelve months via their Patreon and they succeeded! The twelve games were gathered into an anthology, split up by the month they were published. Each game is unique, and includes all the rules you need to play, along with setting information and any necessary handouts (such as character sheets). The games are mystical, cute, and sometimes terrifying.

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