Action Pups!


Action Pups is a party game where you compete to tell the secret life story of a dog. It’s for three to six players from ages 9-99, and play time is 15-30 min. It’s a perfect game to gather around and unplug for some creative, lighthearted, and fuzzy fun.

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Action Pups! Compete to tell the secret life story of a dog. Action Pups! Contains a deck of 170 cards, Each with unique picture of a dog on one side and the elements of a story on the back. Each turn a judge draws a dog card and names the dog, while other players combine two cards from their hand to build an absurd story they pitch to the judge. Is that sassy Retriever A tech Mogul with a secret plan for world domination? Is that posh Poodle a runaway model? Make a story, impress the judge, and may the best story win!

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