D&D Acrylic 2D Minis: Lich Tomb


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This set is heavily inspired by many of the greatest Lich Tombs of the D&D multiverse such as the notorious Tomb of Horrors and the Tomb of Annihilation. In this exciting pack you will find some of these adventures most common foes and more!

Approximate Height:
Skeleton A: 31mm
Skeleton B: 31mm
Skeleton C: 36mm
Skeleton D: 37mm
Zombie A: 35mm
Zombie B: 34mm
Skull Lord: 35mm
Wraith: 40mm
Wight: 39mm
Tomb Guardian: 33mm
Gargoyle: 70mm
Beholder Zombie: 63mm
Lich: 44mm

16 Acrylic 2D Minis
‣ 4 Skeletons
‣ 3 Zombies
‣ 1 Skull Lord
‣ 1 Wraith
‣ 2 Wights
‣ 2 Tomb Guardians
‣ 1 Giant Four-Armed Gargoyle
‣ 1 Beholder Zombie
‣ 1 Lich
2 Round Bases (50mm)
14 Round Bases (25mm)


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