Deep Sea Adventure: A Treasure-Hunting Travel Board Game


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  • DIVE, DIVE, DIVE: Pick a deep sea diver, roll the dice and plunge into the ocean in this travel game for kids and adults.
  • CLAIM YOUR FORTUNE: Land on a piece of treasure to add it to your collection. The deeper down you go, the more valuable it could be.
  • DON’T GET TOO GREEDY: All the divers have a shared supply of oxygen. So if you spend too long searching for treasure, you might get stuck down there for good.
  • PERFECT TRAVEL GAME: Fits into pocket-sized packaging, so you can play it anywhere; in the garden, on the beach, or even in a submarine.
  • EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY: A family strategy game for 8 year olds and over, 2-6 players.


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