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In Dinocar, you and as many friends as you can gather will work together to map out a snippet of that world. You’ll paint a map, draw landmarks, slap buildings into place, and take turns going on chaotic road trips and commutes. At the end of a game of Dinocar, you’ll have a story to tell and a wonderful map to either frame on the wall or stick to the fridge.

Dinocar isn’t just a tabletop role-playing game, it’s also an art-making game for people of all ages! Inspired by Maxine Scheen’s Bad Maps, it takes the idea of making a map as you tell a story and turns it into a whole abstract art-making adventure! Here are the highlights:

Map out a section of a whimsical world where dinosaurs drive cars; from natural landmarks to urban expansion!

Drive across the terrain and weave unique and fantastical dino-stories!

Create pieces of abstract art with your friends!

A fun tabletop roleplaying and crafting game for all ages!

Whether you’re looking for a fun game to play with some friends or a reason to make a mess with the younger members of your family, Dinocar is sure to fit the bill for anyone that likes dinosaurs, cars, or chaos!


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