Gridopolis: A 3D strategy game & system


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Gridopolis is a revolutionary new 3D strategy game and system. With only 7 basic parts, you can play many games or design your own.

Use the modular pieces to build a gridset. Place your nodes and markers and you’re ready to play. Win by being the last player standing, or play a timed game with points. Eliminate opponents by jumping over them – in any direction or dimension. When it’s your turn, you can move, jump – OR build. Gridopolis uses a blend of rules from checkers, chess and even tic-tac-toe.

Flexible & Fun!

Play with family, friends, or even solo. Get creative and change the design, the rules, or both!

Switch It Up

Use any design from our grid-set library. All are free and use the same parts. Buy one game, play many more!

Design It Yourself

Create DIY games from scratch by using only seven basic parts. Being a game designer has never been so easy!

Dynamic Gameplay

Gridopolis is a three-dimensional game (and system) that changes while you play. It’s a new challenge every time!

Teach & Learn

Practice STEM skills like strategy, logic, and spatial visualization. It’s effective in the classroom and homeschool, too.

No Screens

Promotes social interaction and collaboration – all while having classic fun with friends and family.

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