Hobby Starter: Mega Brush Set


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Whether you are a beginner or a core hobbyist – the Starter Set will be a natural choice.

Set Includes the Following Brushes:

  • Insane Detail #BR7004
  • Stippling #BR7013
  • Small Drybrush #BR7009
  • Large Drybrush #BR7010
  • Vehicle Brush #BR7011
  • Detail #BR7005
  • Character #BR7006
  • Regiment #BR7007
  • Monster #BR7008
  • The Psycho #BR7014
  • BONUS: The Kolinsky Masterclass

The Wargaming Brushes have a professional triangular handle giving you the perfect grip thus enhancing your accuracy with details and basecoating.

Special purpose, hand-made brushes with the famous Army Painter triangular handles – and now including the awesome Kolinsky Masterclass brush – this set has all you need to paint armies of miniatures.


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