Hoop Godz + Rap Godz KS Bundle


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Hoop Godz is a 2 player head-to-head street basketball board game that brings the skill, tension, excitement and competition of the sport to your tabletop! It requires strategic decision making as you move your players around the court and manage your team’s energy with the unique JUICE system. Actions on the court lead to real-time dice battles to determine who comes out on top.

  • Approachable mechanics for non-basketball and b-ball fans alike
  • Non-stop action from start to finish in under 45 minutes per game
  • Combines strategy and intensity in a highly thematic experience
  • Lots of replay value with 12 fierce ballers with unique skills
  • Accessible game variant for players unable to roll dice in real-time

Hoop Godz is available to play free during the campaign on Tabletopia.com

Rap Godz is a 2-4 player, 30-60 minute board game that puts you in the role of an up and coming hip-hop artist on your path to greatness.​

The gameplay is a mix of strategy and storytelling as you play cards that represent events in your emcee’s career and life. Your goal is to earn the most record sales plaques by the end of your third album. Along the way you will have to boost your swag, build up your street cred, and improve your rap skillz. Starting beef with players might put you on top but can also knock you out when you least expect it.


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