My First Castle Panic


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In My First Castle Panic, monsters are racing out of the woods toward your Castle! You need to catch all of the monsters before they smash your Castle flat. Match your cards with the color and shape of the spaces with monsters to catch them. But watch out! The monsters move closer to your Castle every turn as more are added to the board.

Step 1: Draw 1 Card

Draw 1 card from the deck and add it to your hand.

Step 2: Play 1 Card

Catch a monster by playing a card from your hand. Can’t play a card? Ask a friend for help.

Step 3: Move the Monsters

Move all of the monsters on the board 1 space closer to the castle.

Step 4: Draw 1 Monster

Draw a new monster token from the monster pile and add it to the board.

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20 min




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