Root: The Role Playing Game Deluxe Edition Bundle


War has returned to the Woodland! 

The Marquise de Cat led her armies to victory over many of the clearings, but the Eyrie Dynasties rise again to oppose her. Meanwhile, the mice, rabbits, and foxes of the Woodland do not sit idly by – the Woodland Alliance, a homegrown rebellion, has emerged, promising to free the Woodland from any oppressors.

In the midst of this war, you and your friends – vagabonds all – travel between the clearings, taking on jobs no one else can or will do. You choose whom you serve, if anyone… but everyone knows you may tip the balance of the War.

New faces haunt the Woodland’s Spirits!

As the War rages on, new factions take interest in the Woodland’s resources. The Riverfolk Company sends trade boats up and down the rivers; the Lizard Cult makes a new push for converts; the Grand Duchy digs tunnels to seize new territory; and the Corvid Conspiracy toils to claim ill-begotten gains from the foolish. Who are these new factions? And what do they have in store for the Woodland?

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This Bundle Includes:

  • Alternate Cover Core Rulebook
  • Alternate Cover Travelers & Outcasts Supplemental Book
  • Special Storage Sleeve for both Books
  • Denizens Deck
  • Equipment Deck
  • GM Screen

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Leder, Magpie Games



Players, Minimum


Players, Maximum


Play time

2-4 hours


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