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Shufflebuilding Fun

Choose two factions, such as Wizards and Robots, and combine them into a unique pair. Each pairing brings different strategies to defeat your opponents! Wizard-Robots will play differently than Wizard-Ninja.

A Ton of Fun in a Single Box!

Smash Up comes with 8 factions to combine in countless ways, including Ninja, Pirates, Zombies, Robots, Tricksters, Dinosaurs (with lasers), Aliens, and Wizards. Each brings their own unique abilities.

But Why Stop There?

Smash Up has many modular expansions to add all-new strategies with factions like Ghosts, Super Spies, Princesses, Werewolves, Bear Cavalry, Steampunks, Vampires, Apes, and more!

Smash Up is AEG’s best-selling, super fun flagship game.

Smash Up, designed by Paul Peterson, is the Shufflebuilding game from Alderac Entertainment Group. In Smash Up players draft two faction decks, such as pirates, ninja, robots, zombies, and more, and combine them into a force to be reckoned with!

When the game begins, players take turns drafting one of several faction decks.

Once each player has two decks, they shuffle them together, combining their distinct abilities into a unique 40-card deck.

A random selection of Base cards are dealt to the table, and players use their decks to attempt to have the most power on a base when it is scored.

It may sound simple, but how simple is it when the Zombie-Ninja deck Assassinates your minions then creates an Outbreak, loading the Base with minions from their discard pile?

Or when the Pirate-Dinosaurs Full Sail onto the base with the mighty King Rex, whose massive power dwarfs that of other minions?

Each combination gives a different experience, Pirate-Aliens play very different than Pirate-Zombies, and with 8 factions in the base set there are 64 combinations to try out and every expansion set increases the options exponentially!

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