SW Armada: Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter


Start building your Separatist Alliance fleet! Featuring 3 capital ships, 4 starfighter squadrons, 2 commanders, 20 upgrade cards, and more, this Fleet Starter has everything one player needs to start playing Star Wars: Armada.

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This Fleet Starter Includes:

1 Painted Munificent-class Frigate Ship
2 Painted Hardcell-class Transports
3 Ship Bases
4 Vulture Droid Squadrons
4 Squadron Discs
4 Activation Sliders
3 Red Attack Dice
3 Blue Attack Dice
3 Black Attack Dice
1 Range Ruler
1 Maneuver Tool
10 Command Dials
8 Speed Dials
6 Ship Cards
2 Squadron Cards
2 Reference Cards
12 Objective Cards
20 Upgrade Cards
52 Damage Cards
6 Obstacle Tokens
4 Setup Area Markers
123 Other Assorted Tokens
1 Learn to Play Booklet

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Play time

120 min


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