SW Armada: Separatist Fighter Expansion Pack


Swarm the Enemy!

Overrun your opponents with a full array of Separatist starfighters! This expansion puts droid fighters like Vulture droids, Hyena bombers, and Droid Tri-Fighters at your disposal. Meanwhile, your Belbullab-22 Starfighters can launch devastating attacks while screened by these disposable droids.

This pack includes everything you need to add 8 fighter squadrons to your game, including 6 elite pilots.

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This Expansion Pack Includes:

2 Vulture Droid Squadrons
2 Hyena Bomber Squadrons
2 Droid Tri-Fighter Squadrons
2 Belbullab-22 Squadrons
8 Squadron Disks
8 Activation Sliders
10 Squadron Cards
20 Assorted Tokens

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Players, Maximum


Play time

120 min


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