A telepathic party game from the creators of The Mind and Monikers.

Wavelength is a party game where two teams compete to reach each other’s minds. It’s a thrilling experience of talking and thinking and high-fiving that anyone can play – but it also has some of that deep wrong game sorcery, where you decisions feel tense, strategic, meaningful.

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When your team guesses exactly right, it feels like you all just performed an impossible magic trick together. Success feels awesome and unlike any game you’ll ever play. everyone creams and high fives. Other people in the room look over to see what just happened. Sometimes people hug. It’s wild.

Wavelength’s theme may be telepath, but it’s secretly all about empathy: to winn, your team will have to figyre out how each of you thinks about the world. And talking through that will lead to oddly profound discussions like:

  • Does cotton smell?
  • Is a pizza a sandwich?
  • How ugly is kangaroo?
  • is staling from orphans forgivable?

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