WizKids 4D Settings: Castle Barracks


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These are complete scenes, ready for use on your tabletop right out of the box. The pieces are intended to be used as a set, as well as provide tabletop gamers a way to quickly fill their collection with useful items to pop into their favorite games. The Castle Barracks provides you with all the pieces you need to recreate the home for the king`s royal guard. The box is set up with all the objects you`d expect in a bunkhouse with 6 guards staying in it. The Set includes: 6x Footlocker, 6x Halberds, 6x Spears, 6x Swords, 3x Shields, 3x Bows, 3x Armor on Stand, 3x Bunks, 2x Chamber Pots, 2x Wooden Bench, 1x Wooden Table, 2x Small Weapon Racks, 1x Large Weapon Racks, 1x Training Dummy, 1x Archery Target

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