Get the kids ready for a summer adventure!

Yes, we’re bringing back the summer D&D adventures for kids! This year it’s a Monday, June 24 – Friday, June 28 from 11 am to 5:30 pm (you can drop off the kids starting at 10 am).

But that’s not all! This year, we’re bringing in more hands-on activities, relating them all to adventuring in a fantasy world like Dungeons and Dragons. Each day we’ll play about 3.5 hours of D&D and spend the rest learning new skills and enjoying lunch and snacks.

Here’s what our young heroes will do and the rewards they will attain:

Learn to paint their own character’s miniature. In fact, we’ll have you choose from our selection of 3D printed patterns so they get something just for them.

Spend an afternoon learning the basics of sword play (using soft or blunted weapons), so the fighters among us can truly learn how to get that critical hit! Fencing and sword play are more than swinging a big metal stick, the strategy and endurance are important.

Spend an afternoon learning foam archery. A good archer needs to develop arm strength, estimating distances and learning to lead a target. They have to learn range discipline and make sure they’re aware of their environment and what the rest of the team is doing.

Good rogues need to learn patience and dexterity. We’ll tackle learning a basic Magic trick or two as well as break out some simple lock picking activities.

Every adventurer needs to keep in good health and eat well on the trail. We’ll prep a basic bread recipe one afternoon that each member can add their own selections of spices to. Plus, we’ll tackle other alchemy by conducting an Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment to see what a fast reacting chemical process looks like.

For the bards among us, we’ll work on putting together a campfire song (no fires will be used) and learn a basic instrument such as ukulele or recorder.

It’ll be an amazing week of adventure, cooperation and learning!

But, as in Dungeons and Dragons, there’s always rules. Here’s what you need to know:

Kids must be aged 12-16.

Kids and Guardians must sign our code of conduct. It basically says that we expect the kids to behave themselves and if they don’t, they can be removed from the program. We know kids are kids, but we’re responsible for everyone that joins and need to be able to focus on the group, not just individuals.

Kids should provide their own lunch. For snacks, we’ll give each child a $3 concession card everyday. Also, a water cooler is available for free, just bring a refillable bottle. For serious allergies, please let us know. On bread baking day, let us know if there are special needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Participants can be dropped off early to help guardians make it to work on time. They need to be picked up in a timely manner, especially on Friday. We’ll specify times as they get closer.

Please let us know ahead of time if you believe your child needs any special accommodations, we’ll do our best to handle them or let you know if you think we’re not up to it.

Some activities may change due to needs and instructors.

Reservations are required. Payment is required upon reservation. If you cancel by June 10th, you’ll get a full refund (90% if you use Paypal because they don’t refund fees).

So what’s this cost?


Crazy Squirrel will entertain your child for 7 hours a day, create a custom campaign, provide snacks. Your adventurer will have a ton of new stuff — sword, crossbow, magic tricks, bread, dice and a painted mini — plus the summer’s best adventure!