After the Rain: The Roleplaying Game


Created By Kyle Ott

What do you want most? What would you lose to get it?

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Those are the questions you will have to answer while playing After the Rain, a one shot roleplaying game for 3-6 players. After the Rain casts you and your friends as desperate individuals bound together in the shared pursuit of a shared goal. Standing in your way is The Rain.

The long you are exposed to The Rain the more you will lose your memories, experiences and the things that make you who you are. As the game progresses, you’ll be forced to change. Will you crumble without your past experiences or adapt to the loss of your memories and embrace the new person you must become?

With only four six sided dice per player, pencils, and your wits, will you be left standing After the Rain?

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Play time

2-4 hours


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