Arkham Horror: Dark Revelations Novella


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Horrors pour from the written page into our world in Dark Revelations! This Arkham Horror Files novella by Amanda Downum invites you to return to Arkham alongside novelist Gloria Goldberg. Haunted by nightmares and apocalyptic visions for her entire life, she has learned to exorcise her terrors onto the page—but now the words on the page have begun to bleed into reality. Can Gloria find a way to change the end of the story before it heralds the end of the world?

In addition to a hardcover copy of the novella, Dark Revelationsincludes four exclusive cards to add Gloria Goldberg as an investigator in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. These cards allow readers to build a deck for Gloria, complete with a signature asset and weakness, and mark her first appearance in the game. With an unprecedented ability to manipulate the encounter deck and the forces of the mythos, Gloria promises to bring a completely new perspective to your games.


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