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This reimplementation of a HABA classic celebrates the game’s 20th Anniversary with a limited edition metal embossed tin, metallic painted dice, new Advanced Driver variants, and a new track!

In the original variant, the race cars are lined up on the starting line revving their engines. Only by smartly using your dice roll to avoid obstacles and pass opponents can you hope to hold the winner’s trophy.

The colored dice indicate the spaces on the track that you can to drive on, but which lane should you take and when should you start trying to passing the competition? The player who crosses the finish line first wins!

The professional racers variant for more advanced players features a track that is twice as long and 3 new elements (use just 1 or all 3!): one time use colored token, fuel cannister and the turbo roll all of which can strategically propel you farther and faster to the finish line.

This fast pace game is best played in several rounds and is suitable for 2-4 players ages 5 and up. Plays in about 15 minutes. Contents include: 4 racing cars, 6 colored dice, double-sided board, 33 cardboard tiles and rulebook.

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